Ray Price

PriceAlong with his position at the University of Utah, Dr. Price is also a trained General and Trauma Surgeon, Intermountain Surgical Specialist with Intermountain Healthcare; Director of Graduate Surgical Education at Intermountain Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah; Associate Director of the Center for Global Surgery, University of Utah; Professor, Health Sciences University of Mongolia; and Medical Director, Dr. W.C. Swanson Family Foundation, Ogden, Utah. He focuses on advanced laparoscopy, surgical oncology, endocrine, and trauma surgery.  He first developed a passion for global medical work while a missionary for two years in Thailand from 1978-80.  Since then, Dr. Price has participated in or led medical and surgical expeditions to Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Haiti.  Over the last 10 years, he has been dedicated to improving education and access to surgical care globally, especially in resource poor areas.  He is a member of the International Medical Surgical Response Team (IMSURT) West, one of the three federal international disaster response teams in the United States.  Dr. Price received his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah, his Medical degree from Harvard Medical School, and completed a surgical residency at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  His greatest work, however, is with his wonderful wife Anne and their 7 daughters and one son who also volunteer internationally and at home. (USA)