January meeting

January 17-18 2014

Hosted by Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA

This meeting  gathered commissioners and experts from around the world and set the stage for the commission’s work.  The video footage can be found here.

The January Meeting suggested general readings can be found under the Resources tab.

View our meeting agenda here.  Speaker and moderator biographies can be found here.

Four working groups were established:  Healthcare Delivery and Management, Workforce and Education, Information Management, and Financing and Economics.  The purpose of these working groups, which consist of a small group of commissioners, key advisors and research assistants, is to research and discuss in-depth specific areas of importance to the Commission.  Preliminary Terms of Reference for each working group are below.  The full content and scope of each working group were determined during the January meeting, and set the foundation for the trajectory of report (publication date: April 2015).

General Working Group Terms of Reference

Healthcare Delivery and Management Terms of Reference

Workforce and Education Terms of Reference

Information Management Terms of Reference

Financing and Economics Terms of Reference